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Oklahoma State University


Interested in reducing your footprint by changing the way you get from A to B? Great! There are a few different ways to do that.

Bikes Parked Bus

Walk: Walking is not only healthy, but it is the most sustainable way to get around! Pick out your most comfortable shoes and hoof it! You don't have to worry about parking or chaining your bike. Simplicity is bliss! NOTE: Sidewalks and crosswalks are recommended for walkers.

Bike: It may not burn fossil fuels for propulsion, but it does burn calories! Biking is like faster walking in terms of sustainability. You can buy a bike at several different shops in Stillwater or rent one from OSU through Orange Ride for just $30/semester! Before you start pedaling, make sure to go to the Multi-Modal Transportation Terminal at Monroe and Hall of Fame to get a free bike parking permit.

Ride: Riding one of OSU's CNG-powered buses is cheaper than driving and reduces per-rider footprint! Student fees pay for part of its operation, so students aren't charged to ride! If you're just going across campus, hop on the orange or black route and take a seat. Need to go further? Shopping, dining, entertainment, off-campus housing, and plenty of places students are employed are all served by the bus. Use the bus tracker  online or download the app to help you find the nearest bus stop, when the next bus will arrive at your stop, and where each of the buses go. Still not sure about it? Learn How to Ride the Bus Like a Pro.

The Big Orange Bus(BOB) is a shuttle service between the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. A one-way trip costs a mere $7.50 for students! Like the city bus, it's cheaper than driving yourself, and it decreases the per-rider carbon footprint! Find more information here.

Check out the fall 2013 OSU Stillwater Transportation & Sustainability Survey results here.

Drive: Parking is a hassle, and you have to walk ten minutes to get from your car to class. Walk, bike, or ride when you can. Otherwise, take advantage of reserved parking by carpooling