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Oklahoma State University

How to Ride the Bus Like a Pro

Riding the bus seems pretty simple, right? Just hop on the bus, and you'll get where you're going, right?! Slow down there, Cowboys. There are some things you need to know about the bus and some other things you want to know about riding the bus. Use this guide, and you will be a bus riding pro.
What bus routes are there?

  • On-Campus: Orange, Black, and Gold
  • Off-Campus: Purple, Blue, Scarlet, Brown, Gray, White, and Green.

Where does the bus go? The bus tracker app, for iPhone and for Android, lets you know where the nearest bus stop is, when the next bus will be at your stop, and where each of the buses go. Use these tools to determine which bus you need to catch.

  • All routes go to the MMTT (Multi-Modal Transportation Terminal) and SU (Student Union) except for those indicated below.
    • On-Campus: Black route does not go to MMTT
    • Off-Campus: Purple route and Blue route do not go to SU

When does the bus run? The bus runs every Monday through Friday (except when campus is closed for holidays and severe weather). Click the color of the route for specific times.

  • Day routes
    • On-Campus:
    • Off-Campus:
      • Purple, Blue, Gray, and White run from 6:20am to 6:45pm
      • Scarlet and Brown run from 6:20am to 7:00pm.
      • The last outbound run for each off-campus route begins from the MMTT at 6:20pm.
  • Night routes
    • On-Campus: Gold route runs from 5:45pm to 10:35pm. Its last round begins at 10:00pm.
    • Off-Campus: Green route runs from 7:00pm to 10:30pm. Its last round begins at 10:00pm.

How do I ride the bus? Here is a video on how to ride the bus! It is a little dated, but it still applies for the most part.

  • The bus is approaching your stop:
    • Look at the marquis on the front of the bus to determine if it is the bus you are waiting for. The marquis is color coded (Blue route's is blue, Scarlet's is red, and so on) and displays some of the stops along the route. If it is your bus then step toward the stop, wave and/or nod at the driver, and stand in one place at the stop until the bus stops completely. If it is not your bus, step away from the stop, shake your head at the driver, and/or wave the driver on.
  • Entering the bus:
    • On-Campus: Carefully step onto the bus, find a seat quickly, and sit down. If there are no seats available, grab a hand rail and balance yourself. If you need to sit down and there are no seats available, feel free to ask other riders for their seat.
    • Off-Campus: Please have your OSU Student ID ready BEFORE the bus gets to the stop. Carefully step onto the bus, swipe your student ID, find a seat quickly, and sit down. If you do not have your OSU Student ID with you, you can ride the bus for 75 cents. You can pay with a one dollar bill or any coins. You will not receive change if you pay more than 75 cents.
  • Riding the bus:
    • Please be courteous to other riders and the driver. Please keep your belongings out of the isles and the seats, especially when there are people standing on the bus. If someone needs to sit down and you can stand, please let them sit down. Do not smoke, chew, or drink alcoholic beverages on the bus. Do not play music so loud the whole bus can hear it.
    • When you near your stop (when you can see it through the front window of the bus), pull the yellow cord hanging along the window (don't hold it down), gather your things, and be ready to exit the bus quickly. If the "stop requested" lamp at the top of the front of the inside of the bus is lit up, the cord has already been pulled and the bus should be stopping at the next stop. If the bus doesn't stop then pull the cord again or give the driver a holler, nobody's feelings will be hurt. The bus does not stop at a stop if no one is waiting at the stop and no one pulls the cord, so please pay attention.
  • Exiting the bus:
    • When the bus comes to a stop, stand up, glance at your seat to make sure you didn't leave anything (people leave their OSU Student IDs every day, so check it!), and exit the bus quickly and carefully. Step away from the bus immediately. Do not cross the street in front of a bus you just exited, especially if you plan on jaywalking (please do not jaywalk).

If you have a bike with you: Make sure the driver sees you with the bike when the bus stops. Pull up on the handle near the top of the bike rack. Fold the rack down. Place your bike on the rearmost slot with the front tire on the side with the tire holder. Pull the tire holder out then up over the tire. When you reach your stop, remind the driver that you need to get your bike. Remove your bike from the rack, place the rack back in its upright position, and step away from the bus.
Congratulations, you are now capable of riding the bus like a pro!