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Imagine an entire generation, educated to live in a sustainable fashion, that changed the world forever. It is amazing what one person can influence, and you can be part of this movement at Oklahoma State University.

As students in a generation that is already starting to shape the future, you have the ability to change society, the economy and the environment in a sustainable way. Whether you are taking the first step toward being sustainable or are a veteran, getting involved is as easy as being responsible for yourself. Here are resources and tips to help on your journey to becoming sustainable.

Get Educated

Energy Conservation: As a part of the Cowboy family, you are both an “energy saver” as well as an “energy consumer.” There are simple steps you can take to be a bigger saver than spender when it comes to energy. Visit the Best Energy Practices for ideas of how to reduce your energy consumption.

Reduce and Reuse: There are many simple ways to reduce consumption and when you can’t reduce, it is important to reuse resources you already have. Some of the most common fixes can happen in your living space, the classroom, and your transportation.

BOB-Adam, driver, and Orlando, student
Orlando, an OSU student(left), asking BOB driver, Adam, a question.

Recycle: So you want to reduce your impact on the environment? Good. Why not start with something simple like slowing the flow of your trash to the landfill by recycling? In the OSU Recycles program, all recyclable paper can now be mixed together in the same bin.  That's right, junk mail, white paper, colored paper, magazines, file folders, even soft-cover books and telephone books!  Please no food or food soiled paper in the bins.  This stuff is sorted by hand.  Human hands.  Don't be a slug.  Here is information on how to recycle paper and cardboardplasticmetal and other recycling at OSU-Stillwater. The new ResLife Recycles program is just for campus residents - those of you who live on campus.  Learn more about ResLife Recycles.

Caitlyn Clark recycling Seth Smart recycling paper
Students Caitlyn Clark (left) and Seth Smart (right) recycling on campus.

For off-campus recycling and reuse centers in town, take a look at the Stillwater Recycling Guide produced by Sustainable Stillwater.

If you live off campus and are served by the City of Stillwater’s Curbside Single-Stream Recycling Program, click here for information.

Get Experienced

Career: OSU provides classroom education and research on sustainability and sustainable development topics.  Find more information on sustainability in curriculum and in research.

Organizations: OSU offers a diverse and passionate community of students who are involved with sustainability. Join these great groups that are making a difference on campus and in the world today!


Water Bottle Refill Stations - count the number of bottles diverted from the landfill by logging data from the LED display on each unit. Determine how much money and natural resources were saved as a result.  Work with the Sustainability Office to publicize this waste diversion by building, department and/or college on campus. 

Outdoor Lighting Project - help energy managers determine what outdoor lights are staying on when they should be off.

Surveys - develop surveys for us! We are interested in resource and energy conservation attitudes, knowledge, and behavior.

Waste Audits - work with us and your advisor to organize a campus waste stream analysis project.

Recycle Sorting - volunteer on the sorting line at the local Materials Recovery Facility that processes OSU's res hall recycling.

Close the Loop - investigate whether OSU departments purchase copy paper with recycled content.

The Bus - coordinate a "Try Transit" week to promote riding the bus.

Recycle Outreach - we'll train you on how to train others to recycle right on campus.

Eco-Rep - train your peers on conserving resources and energy in the res halls (limited to res hall residents).

Green Team - develop a Green Team for your department with our help.


Undergraduate Clubs

SGA Sustainability Committee

SGA Sustainability Campuslink

Net Impact

Net Impact

Engineers Without Borders


Environmental Science Club


Graduate Clubs

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Student Association

BAEGSA members

Society of Environmental Scientists

Other Ways to get Involved

Sustainable Stillwater