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Oklahoma State University

Get Involved-Faculty

The future is as bright as it is orange at Oklahoma State University. The faculty is a large part of what makes us shine. You fuel learning and create environments for developing students into tomorrow’s sustainable leaders. Your influence can help create a sustainable economy, environment, and society for generations to come. Here are resources and information to help you guide tomorrow.


Faculty members provide important teachings that help students mature into the adults they will become. It is vital for students to understand the importance of sustainability. With that understanding, great change can happen toward a better tomorrow. Here is the existing sustainability curriculum that OSU provides.

Jane Talkington Teaching Sustainable Enterprise

OSU is continuing to grow in its sustainable efforts. Did you know OSU purchases more than 67 percent of renewable energy or that we have saved more than $35 million due to sustainability efforts? Find out more about what is happening on your campus and get involved with it. You can also join OSU Sustainability on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with the latest in sustainability. As a member of the OSU community, you may access Members Only pages of AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education).  Log in with your Okstate email address at to gain access to great teaching resources. 


Sustainability is a vast and encompassing subject that has many facets for potential research. Not only can it be the main subject of research, it can also be a smaller component in practically all fields of study. Whether it is how to teach the three R’s in a third grade classroom, media research on the sustainability trend, or the chemistry of decomposition in composting, it’s easy to get creative with sustainability. 

OSU has many research programs in sustainability, including: sustainable agriculture, conservation of natural resources, energy, zero waste, waste management, pollution prevention, social and community sustainability, sustainable development, green architecture and landscape architecture, green product design, industrial ecology, ecotourism, business sustainability, and more. 


The classroom is your stage to showcase sustainability and leading by example is a way to show students how to live. You can reduce, reuse, recycle and conserve energy in the classroom, and use these classroom techniques to help. Students learn positive habits while the University benefits from your leadership in this area.


Your office is your domain away from home. There are basic actions that you can take to help your office be more sustainable. Encourage others to be sustainable and watch how the movement spreads. The benefits stretch beyond the office and help OSU on its way to being more sustainable.

Sustainability Stakeholders

Sustainability Stakeholders represent various specialties and areas of campus.  As OSU moves forward with sustainability initiatives in teaching, research, outreach, and operations, Sustainability Stakeholders will be key in providing invaluable advice and collaborations toward these efforts.  If you’d like to be added to this campus-wide group of advisors, please email

Green Team

Are you interested in conservation, reduction of waste, reuse, recycling, and all things sustainability!? Then Green Teams are right for you! Green Teams are dedicated to incorporating sustainability into their department's operations and/or curriculum, research and outreach. To start or join a Green Team in your office contact us at or call 405-744-4728.